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Binary's GM Application

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Binary's GM Application

Post by Binary on Sat Oct 31, 2015 4:08 pm

Name | Username | Age | Timezone: 
Guy |Binary / Moop | 16 | GMT+3

Length of time with Rev:

2 Weeks

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Well, I live in Israel, so I speak both English and Hebrew, I like hanging out with my "gang" which is me and my 5 best friends and playing MapleStory, and the thing I love most in the world is my dog, Mikey. 

Do you have any experience with a MapleStory Staff? If yes, please explain:

Yes, I have been a: 
Co-Owner at Maple Phoenix (not the one that you know, it existed when I was 13)
GM at Humanity Reign
Developer at Maple Lust
Developer at Maple Dream
If you need, I have a screen shot of Humanity Reign, and a few npc codes from Maple Dream and Maple Lust.

Do you have any pending applications outside of MS?:


What makes Ms different than other servers/what feature do you enjoy?:

I mostly enjoy the nice community and the unusual rates. It's not easy to find a server with these qualities and it's more important to me than anything else.

How well do you work within a team? What role do you take as a team member?:

I usually work really great as a team member, but I'm not usually the team's leader so I try to understand the leader's vision for the task so I can do it in the best way I can. If I'm the team's leader after all, I try to make up a vision in my mind for the task and make it happen.

What do you believe makes you different than other applicants?:

I don't really know the people who are standing behind the other applications and I try not to judge them so, all I can say is this: My application is 100% real and I really care about the server so either if I'll get hired or not, I'll still do my best to make sure everyone are having fun here.

What motivates you to work with us?:

The first push I got was the community, players thought that I'm a GM when meeting me and some of them (thanx!) told me that I should apply.
I also noticed that I've done a bunch of stuff for the community here so I figured, if I can do more, why not?

What are some things that would motivate you to leave a staff position at a server?:

Well, there was something on Humanity Reign that made me leave the staff position. GMs were not allowed to talk to players. Just stalk them to see if they're hacking and search for bugs. That is how I became a GM Ninja Wink .

How would you handle issues between you and other staffmates?:

Honestly, I'll ask the other staff member what happened from his point of view and try to figure out what actually happened, and find a fine solution.

How would you handle an issue between you and another player?:

I'll try to calm the player first by telling him I understand how he feels, asking him what happened from his point of view, tell him about mine and I hope that it'll end with good because sometimes, from my experience, it doesn't.

Last words?

If I'll get hired, I wont abuse my powers to annoy another player or to give them an unfair advantage.
Thank you for taking your time and reading my application and I can't wait to use the GM powers to improve everyone's gameplay.
Have a nice day!

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Re: Binary's GM Application

Post by Flash on Sat Oct 31, 2015 6:41 pm

100% deserve this


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Re: Binary's GM Application

Post by gavin511 on Wed Nov 11, 2015 7:49 pm

Binary feel free to message me via skype. Id like to talk to you about being a GM


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Re: Binary's GM Application

Post by Sponsored content

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