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F/A Final attack issue

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F/A Final attack issue

Post by mctoweliee on Fri Oct 30, 2015 7:58 am

Hello I'd like to start out by saying im not trying to be a douche but I thought this would really even out the classes more. The skill Final attack for warriors destroys DPS and it slows mobbing by adding an unnecessary animation that you don't need. I understand that all skills are maxed out when you create a character, but this really destroys the warrior class as a whole and might be bothersome to the other explorer classes (besides mage). If possible could you somehow re-create this skill maxer so it'd max everything besides F/A would be really helpful.
Or if skill maxing is removed as a whole would make the mid-game to end-game much more fun, because part of the nostalgia of maple was managing what skills you'll use and what goes with your play style.

I know im just one joe shmo, but if other players feel the same way I do think this is worth consideration. It's your server I don't wanna tell you what to do I just hope you don't disregard this idea quickly!
Thank you,
-Some anonymous player


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