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Guide for Newbies

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Guide for Newbies

Post by Binary on Sun Oct 25, 2015 6:58 pm

Hey guys, I decided to make a guide for newbies so you can have more fun in game Smile
If you need anything, just call me, ign:[url=#59265435] Binary[/url].

Ok, so lets start:

Basic info & commands

Golden Maple Leaves - They drop from every monster and are used for nice things as crafting, trading for speciall buffs, weapons, mounts, nx and boss pieces.

Vote Points - You must be logged off and have atleast one character existing when voting. You get 10k NX & 1 Vote Point for each website you're voting at. You may vote once per 6 hours at all sites. Vote points can be traded for nx, special weapons, gachapons, scrolls & buffs, and entrace tickets to good training maps. I sugguest to save up 12 vote points and get a godly weapon with no stats req, lv 45+ with 120wa (100 in a claw's case).

Donor Points - When you start the game, you get free 10 Donor Points! They can be used to get nx, boss pieces, golden maple leaves, gachapons, scrolls, gear, weapons and really godly items! For every 1$ you donate you get 5 DP. I reccommend using the free 10 DP for one of the over powered items + a medal.

Inkwell NPC - The Inkwell NPC is in the FM and contains most of what you'll need. Power elixirs for 200 meso each, and almost free megaphones, shops, arrows, all cures, summoning rocks and magic rocks.

@npcs - Opens the All In One npc. You can use it to change your style, to warp to places, reset stats, trade vote points, donor points and golden maple leaves, and a lot of more stuff, so you better check it out Smile.

@fm - Warps you to the Free[url=#58073208] Market[/url].

@jobs - Lets you choose what job will you be if you have the required level.

@dispose - Unstucks you.

@str / @dex / @int / @luk <amount> - Adds str / dex / int / luk if you have enough AP.

@cleardrops - Clears the drops in the map.

@clearslot - If you dont have anything you need in a specific inventory slot, use @clearslot and then write the inventory slot you wish to get rid of. It will delete all the items you have in that inventory slot so be careful! (example: @clearslot etc clears everything you have in your etc tab)

@trainer - Shows good training maps & lets you warp to them.

Training Spots

Level 1-10 :

-Henesys Hunting Ground I

-Entrance to Adventurer Training Center

Level 10-20:

-Henesys Hunting Ground II

-Line 1 <Area 1>

-Dungeon, Southern Forest I

Level 20-40:

-Chimney Possesed by the Skeletons

-Terrace Hall

Level 40-60:

-Ghost Ship 2

-Chimney Possesed by the Scarecrow

-Chimney Possesed by the Skeletons

Level 60-105:

-Chimney Possesed by the Clown

-Wolf Spider Cavern

-Headless Horseman (boss)

-Entrance to Spooky World

Level 105-135:

-Papulatus (boss)

-Big Foot (boss)

-Headless Horseman (boss)

-Nest of a Dead Dragon

-Entrance to Spooky World

-Encounter With the Buddha

-Special level 100+ Training maps

Level 135+:

-Horntail [you should probably start going to HT at level 180 or 200] (boss)

-Zakum [If you're going for exp, you should clear only just his arms] (boss)

-Female Boss (boss) - AKA Anego.

-Big Foot (boss)

-Crow (boss)

-Headless Horseman (boss)

-Nest of a Dead Dragon

-Special level 100+ Training maps

A few tips

*A faster way to get to Henesys is by going to FM using @fm and using the left portal.

*You should get a pet & loot items with your nx before using it for your look.

*You should trade golden maple leaves for maple weapons at @npcs if you're a dexless sin or a lukless mage.

*The Blessing of the Fairy adds a lot of wa & ma, you should make a mule that is easy to level up like a blaze wizard.

*You get max skills at the minute you join, so an aran is pretty good because you can use almost all of his skills at level 10.

*Dont bother going on auto events, they don't give a reward yet.

Thank you for reading my guide and good luck in game!

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Re: Guide for Newbies

Post by Almighty on Sun Oct 25, 2015 9:23 pm

*Very Nice Guide!*

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Re: Guide for Newbies

Post by Binary on Mon Oct 26, 2015 4:34 am

Thanx Smile

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Re: Guide for Newbies

Post by Sponsored content

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